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MySQL mysqldump tunning
31/12/2012, 12:32
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Hello since April!
I am a little bit busy in the last months with some personal projects, bla bla bla…
Anyway, I had to improve the mysqldump command because the admin was getting some mails saying:
MySQL Error : MySQL server has gone away

The old command was:
The new command is:
$MYSQLDUMP -u $MUSER -h $MHOST -p$MPASS --single-transaction --quick --lock-tables=false $db | $GZIP -9 > $FILE

The source of the tip is of course…

Google’s nap lets our server breath for a while
18/04/2012, 10:12
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After the CMS migration I commented about on the article MySQL Tuning Query Cache And Thread Cache, google had a couple of naps, the last one looked CRAZY on the stats! take a look yourself:

Graph where you can see the difference between google indexing our site and google having a nap

Grap where you can see the difference on the CPU usage between google indexing yourself and google having a nap

Does anybody need me to draw a circle around the difference? 🙂