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fix for the respo wordpress theme

Respo wordpress theme screenshotThe Respo wordpress theme is a cool theme for wordpress. It is free and it has a clean and simple design. After installing it you will find that the pictures of the posts in the blog ‘loop page’ are not working. To fix it I was researching a little in google and I found out a way to make it work for me:

  1. Update the file wp-content/themes/respo/js/timthumb.php with the last version of the timthumb.php in the repository.
  2. Comment the line 825:

    // $docRoot = @$_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’];

  3. Check that every post has assigned is Featured Image.

After doing the 3 steps, the pictures are working in the blog ‘loop’s page’ and the problem with the respo timthumb.php script is fix!