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Google’s nap lets our server breath for a while
18/04/2012, 10:12
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After the CMS migration I commented about on the article MySQL Tuning Query Cache And Thread Cache, google had a couple of naps, the last one looked CRAZY on the stats! take a look yourself:

Graph where you can see the difference between google indexing our site and google having a nap

Grap where you can see the difference on the CPU usage between google indexing yourself and google having a nap

Does anybody need me to draw a circle around the difference? ­čÖé

WordPress MU, Google Analytics and Google Webmasters tools
27/11/2009, 21:19
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Hello readers,

I just set up the blog and I want to add it to the huge google’s database,

What I should do?
I had got a little piece of js code from google’s analytics webpage:

Google Analytics section inside WordPress MU<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
_uacct = “UA-xxxxxxx-xx”;


I could add it because WordPress MU has an special section for doing it, now is working, cool.

But… what about google’s webmasters tools ?

Does WordPress MU have any section helping you to verify your blog?

No, it doesn’t, bullshit.

I did try to prepare an static page with the name of the file and the content of the file google’s gave me… didn’t work. I tried to fake a meta tag header somehow and didn’t work neither, I can not upload html files, the admin does not let me modify the headers of the theme… this sucks, does anybody have an idea how to do it? or maybe┬á it’s not definitely possible, I don’t know, and now I don’t care.

If anybody knows a trick, here I am waiting.

11/04/2012: The UV blogs IT people managing the WMU just added a plugin called HeadMeta and now I can fake the head method for adding my blog to the google’s webmasters tools! did anybody from the IT people read me? Thank you folks!