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MySQL tunner and MySQL Performance Tuning and MySQL fragmentation finder
14/04/2012, 11:13
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Here I collected some useful scripts for helping you tuning MySQL:

  • MySQLTuner is a script written in Perl that will assist you with your MySQL configuration and make recommendations for increased performance and stability. MySQLTuner
  • MySQL Performance Tuning Primer Script. This script takes information from “SHOW STATUS LIKE…” and “SHOW VARIABLES LIKE…”
    to produce sane recomendations for tuning server variables. MySQL Performance Tuning Primer Script
  • A Defragmentation Script to Optimize Fragmentated Tables in MySQL, finds your fragmented tables…and defragments them. A Defragmentation Script to Optimize Fragmentated Tables in MySQL

The first two will help you checking the MySQL most important performance values and giving you advice on how to modify them. The last one is really useful for finding every fragmented table and defragment it automatically.

Thanks to the authors!