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Making mistakes is human
29/11/2009, 14:30
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Sometimes, a machine makes a mistake, we find the problem, we fix or replace the machine and we solve the mistake the machine did.

Sometimes, a person makes a mistake, we find the problem, we fix or replace the person… no, we can not fix the person, replace the person? and we solve the mistake the person did.

We are assuming that a person is like a machine! wrong assumption, we have to assume that people can make mistakes, so, how can we prevent a human mistake? how can we reduce the chances of future errors in your work?

  • Communication: Are you sure you understand everything you listen? ask, ask, and ask again everything you are not sure about, and don’t be afraid of doing so.
  • Take your time: I hate deadlines, they are making me to be in a hurry, to care more about finishing the job than to finish it well done. Take your time and do it right and you will avoid the headache of dealing with an unsatisfied boss.
  • Don’t overbook yourself: everybody can handle more than one task at time, but, are you really focus on every one? choose one and focus on that one or mistakes will happen if you are unable to fully focus on the job at hand.
  • Know your limits: if you are a confident person, can happen that you take on a project that is beyond your abilities at that time. To prevent mistakes in a project make certain you have the ability to meet the boss expectations.

And if you are the boss, try to be in your employee position, sit and think if you are doing well your job:

  • No Hidden Agendas, No Closed Doors, No Chambers of Secrets. If you want to be the Best Boss Ever, what you do need is an open communication, and an open door, with your employees all the time.
  • Be Nice. Nice is defined as pleasing, agreeable, polite or kind in the dictionary. Try to focus on what you’re saying to people all the time. Don’t “think with your mouth open.” Avoid sarcasm. Be patient. Smile.
  • Treat Everyone Equally. Treat everyone the way you would want to be treated.
  • Show appreciation. Be sincere and specific. This will go a long way in rebuilding trust and re-establishing a healthy work relationship.

And don’t forget, people are not machine, deal with human mistakes, stay calm, admit it, fix it, don’t place blame and learn from what went wrong.

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